The Hiding Place Corrie Ten Boom

May 13, 2011

Corrie’s Fate

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Almost like a miracle, the  name of Corrie Ten Boom was included in the of people to be released.She went back to Holland where the hiding place started and could recover from the health problems that accosted her since the time she was kept in prison. She spent in her own house in Haarlem , but she did not remain inactive. As she would say, ”God gave us love to enable us to pardon our enemies”.

Corrie forgave. She forgave the loss of her dear ones and her own sufferings, which had been inflicted on her while at the concentration camp. And she even went farther. Once, in 1947, in Muenchen, a man wanted to greet her and shake her hand. On seeing his face she recognized him immediately as one of the most cruel guardians at Ravensbrück, one of the many before whom she had to march naked together with her sister Betsie when, in accordance with the special criteria set up by the Nazis, they latter selected those who were still useful among those who did not serve any more. How could she shake this man’s hands? He told her that he had Converted to Christianity after the war and that he believed that God had forgiven him for all the evil he had done at the concentration camp, but that he needed that she personally told him that she forgave him. Carrie did so and shook hands with him.


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