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August 22, 2012

Moments of Inspiration

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Someone once said, “A wall with loose bricks is not good.  The bricks must be cemented together.” This quote comes from Corrie Ten Boom, as it was shared in a discussion, giving an example of what being with other Christians should be like.

Proverbs 27:17 tells us, “As iron sharpens iron,” so people can improve each other. One of the best tools for sharpening our character is to seek out accountability and encouragement from other people.

For the past 15 years, Morning Glory Ministries, a Christian women’s outreach ministry, has held “God’s Women Strengthening God’s Women, More Than A Conference.” On Saturday, July 28, the annual gathering will return to Bedford at the Bedford Columns.  It is open to all women and girls.  Over the years, men have attended the event as well. Anyone can attend!

Coming together in Christian unity is as the writer said, “It cements bricks together.”  Take a minute to prayerfully consider the relationships in your life.  Is there someone whose wisdom you admire, someone you might want to ask to be your mentor?  Is there someone you’d like to take under your wing?  “God’s Women Strengthening God’s Women, More Than A Conference” offers the opportunity to be among those who want to see each other encouraged, strengthened and inspired through the word of God.

This year’s event theme is “Shifting The Atmosphere.”  There will be speakers sharing from the theme. The closeout speaker will Pastor Shirley W. Anthony of North Carolina. The event will end with a fellowship luncheon.

Each year we take inventory of the last year.  The memories and excitement were life changing!  We think about the steps we might need to take next, and then take those steps, seeking broader visions as we go along.  We always take in account that God goes with us, and that with each event there is a potential to make your spirituality stronger and sharper.  This is why “God’s Women Strengthening God’s Women, More Than A Conference” continues to grow and blossom.  It’s by the grace of God!


Source:  Altavista Journal


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